Obscured by thickening mist, it seemed just one more stone, like countless others thrusting through the leaf-mold in the folds of the ridge. He’d nearly strode past it, grown sure of his course, when the stone’s smooth regularity of texture and form made him halt.
~ from Kindred

In October of this year I traveled to North Carolina on a final (well, final for now) research trip to visit several settings in Kindred. I traveled with a friend, who I met up with in Wisconsin. We then drove south to Tennessee, where we stayed for a couple of days before the NC leg of the journey. While there we explored Cade’s Cove, an area of early mountain settlement. The settlers’ cabins, churches, graveyards and a mill are all preserved. Many of the photos I’ve used on this site were taken during this trip.

I seem to have taken quite a few photos of graves. This first one caught my eye because the man, John Oliver, was born during the year Kindred opens, 1793. And his wife’s name, Lurena…. I love it! I’ve a feeling the name will show up somewhere in the book before all’s said and done.

Another intriguing grave marker. North Carolina Rebels, indeed!

nd one more.. Many of the oldest graves around the churches of Cade’s Cove were marked by undressed stone, without even this much identification scratched onto their weathered faces.

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