It’s Friday. Half way between Christmas and New Years. What work I’ve done this week has not gone particularly well. I’m still wrangling and wrestling with Chapter Three. I’m worn out, and i have a cold, but I’m not giving in just yet. Words still swirl through my head. Voices too. Thomas, Ian, Benjamin Eden. Facets of character I need to make clearer, stronger, settled in my mind and on the page, while keeping an interesting flow and pace and texture to the scenes.

Challenge. Accusation. A clash of wills and purpose. That’s what this chapter is about, for the most part. I’m having an equally frustrating clash in the crafting of it.

Should the deeper accusation be spoken, or implied? If spoken, that’s going to mean a new and different tension between Thomas and Ian, one I’m not sure would best serve the story right now. Better to keep it lighter now, and save the deeper accusation for later? I think. But let a hint of it bleed through now?

That, and a hundred other questions to resolve. Or else leave it all in a tangle again and move forward? I don’t think so. That feels a bit like framing a house atop an unfinished foundation.

But what do I know? Muddle, muddle.

This I know: “Philippians 4:13, for Pete’s sake!” (to quote Olivia de Mitford)

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