Which doesn’t mean I’m not continuing my editing. It’s going slowly but steadily, which seems to be the way I work no matter if I’m writing first drafts of scenes or reading or making the fiftieth editing pass.

Just wanted to post and officially say that things will likely be quiet around here for a bit as I continue to edit. It would be a very boring process to watch anyway, with the better part of it going on in my subconscious.

But as I read through Kindred, I’m getting some promising ideas of how to shape and trim those early chapters. I see another chunk of it that can go, with a few key lines worked in elsewhere. I see ways to break up boring narrative patterns I hadn’t realized I’d fallen into. I see dead people, but they don’t know they’re–no, wait, that’s a different story! I see a way to accomplish something I’ve wanted to do in this story, but never found an unintrusive place to do it, which is to add a scene in flashback between Ian and his father (since Ian’s relationship with the father he left back in Boston is key to Ian’s motivations and conflict in this story). I can’t shake the feeling it’s important to show Ian and his father together, early on, on the cusp of his journey south, in the moment Ian is confronted with The Letter from his uncle that will change everything.

I love writing. Thank you, God, for allowing me the time and resources to be able to do this. Thank you, thank you!

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