Or: My New Monitor, WIP Cuts, and an Upcoming ACFW Meeting

After some fiddling and tweaking of color, contrast and brightness settings, my new LCD monitor and I are coexisting in something resembling harmony. Everything is so much bigger, that even after two days of working at this screen, my hard copy pages in regular old Times New Roman 12 type look tiny, like I mistakenly printed them off in TNR 10.

Guess I’m adjusting faster than I’d expected. Photos on line still seem a little off, and more pixilated than my old monitor presented them. I can live with it. Text is looking less distractingly bleedy.

Yesterday I discovered a scene, character and setting in the early chapters of Kindred that I can cut without doing too much work to stitch up the gap. It’s a scene I wrote years ago, thinking the situation would have greater bearing later in the story. It hasn’t. I never revisited it at all.

I’m thrilled to let it go. Not that I don’t like it. It’s just not pulling its weight or contributing to the story. This is the sort of cutting I need to do, again and again (and again), if I’m going to bring the word count down to 200,000 (actually, I’d love to see it drop below that; would really like to be able to put 180,000 or something. No 2s!).

Saturday will be the second quarterly regional meeting of the Southern Oregon chapter of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW). There’s only four of us so far (Bonnie Leon, Beth Goddard, Ann Shorey and moi) who’ve been able to make the meetings. We meet for lunch and then spend several hours in writerly fellowship. It was an uplifting and inspiring blast last time, and in the short months since one of our members has landed her first book deal (yay Ann!). I’m looking forward to the drive up (and over the mountains and through the woods) to the restaurant/bakery Heaven On Earth for our meeting.

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