Today, February 11th, I’m forced to ask myself a question. Am I incapable of reading KINDRED (Trouble The Waters… Canaan’s Shore… whatever…) without doing a line-by-line edit?

After a week of reading and getting through all of three (three!) chapters, I have the answer:

Yes. Yes, I am.


“That’s a self-imposed restriction,” said Linda, a writer friend who dropped by last week.

“True, true,” said I, glaring at the four-inch stack of single-spaced pages that is KINDRED (or whatever) sitting on my living room chair. “But it’s part of the guidelines I’m trying to follow.”

But if it’s so hard to refrain from adding scratch outs and circles and alternative words and phrases to every page I read, and not refraining is so darn fun, maybe I ought to stop fighting it and just go with it, heh? Make up my own guidelines or at least bend them a little to better suit the workings of my peculiar writer’s brain? Find what works for me and just do it?

So what if it takes longer? Now is the time for taking longer. I may never have time to take longer again.

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