Or a meeting of the Muses?

Here we are, the Southern Oregon (unofficial) Chapter of ACFW, at our second quarterly meeting yesterday. From left to right: Beth Goddard, Bonnie Leon, moi, Ann Shorey, Lorena McCourtney, and Lynn Ludwick. All these lovely ladies are published (or newly contracted) authors… except moi.

We had an inspiring three+ hours of fellowship, food, MUCH talk on writing, and even a little brainstorming for Beth and Bonnie, and maybe a few others, too. I love hanging out with writers. You never know where the conversation will go. Yesterday’s conversation veered from the use of symbolism in writing to the pros and cons of staging a murder in a recognizable lakeside lodge. Hypothetically, of course!

And they treat us well at Heaven On Earth. They’re a bakery as well as a restaurant (that plate of cookies in the foreground was complimentary, to get us started).

It rained/snowed off and on, but the sun was peeking through the hurrying clouds as we finally made our way out to our cars. I was the last to leave the parking lot. Did anyone else see how brilliant that faint rainbow we saw as we came out of the building turned? It was the most beautiful rainbow I’ve ever seen and seemed to be arching directly over the mountain hollow where Heaven On Earth is nestled. I didn’t notice it until I was almost on the freeway, so I skipped my exit, made a U-turn and hurried back to try and snap a photo. In the few seconds that took, the rainbow had faded!

Hot coffee, notebook, pen, and cookies. Yep, it’s a writers meeting.

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