Had another great meeting with fellow Southern Oregon ACFW members Beth, Lynn, Anne, Bonnie, and Lorena, yesterday, Saturday the 7th of June, at the lovely Heaven On Earth restaurant and bakery. We talked about our careers, the biz, our WIPs, some disappointments and some triumphs, one really scary reader response, and what can happen when a writer is asked to rewrite her manuscript two months before her deadline–yikes! Go Bonnie. Go Bonnie.

Guess I’ll mention that my word count is down to 236,000 now. And if my glancing ahead at Lauri’s notes on the coming chapters is any indication (and of course if I agree with her suggestions!), that count is about to drop dramatically over the next week or two.

I want to push ahead and finish the current edit, then get busy writing that final section, which should take a few months at the rate I usually write (S-L-O-W). I’d like to have that section completed by September.

Then I’m sure it will need whittling down, like everything I (over)write.

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