I’m down to 225,500 words (from 288,000 and change). I’ve cut out what nearly amounts to a novel, in some genres. It’s a little like someone losing enough body weight to equal another person. I don’t know whether to be proud of this… or embarrassed.

Once I finish this line by line edit, I plan write the final section I’ve decided to add back on. And at the same time I’ll take a look at the big picture, using an index card method to track the pacing and flow of the story. I’ll write a brief outline of each scene on a card, then lay out the cards in order to see if I’m repeating myself, or have scenes that might be interesting but don’t pull their story weight. Those will have to go, with any necessary bits threaded into other scenes. Maybe there will be scenes that can be combined to do double duty, or more.

No matter what I do, KINDRED will be a Big Book… but the goal is to make it all muscle (story muscle), and no flabby padding.

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