Time to announce that back in mid April I was notified that the first 15 pages of Kindred, which I entered in the ACFW Genesis contest (under a different title to preserve anonymity), is a finalist in the Historical category. I had to wait until July 15th, to the best of my understanding, in order to mention it on my blog. So, consider it mentioned!

The winners will be announced at the ACFW conference in Minneapolis, in mid September. Fortunately I don’t have to attend in order to place. That just wasn’t possible this year. But I did send in a photo and apparently my work will have a mention during the presentation of awards (whether or not I place in the top three).

I’ll post about the results as soon as I have them.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to get back on track and finish this book (for crying out loud!). Hiero’s death and a few other happenings this month broke my stride, but I’m working back up to normal (and hopefully above normal) production again.

I wrote 405 new words today. I consider 1000-1500 words a good day’s work, when I’m writing rough draft. Plenty room for improvement here. But I’m thankful for this one answered prayer, prayed for many days now, that I would overcome my struggles and distractions, and get cracking on the new scenes in this final section. I’d like to have it finished by the time the contest finals roll around, so I can be ready to send it out to agents and/or publishers. Not sure it’s going to happen now, but I’ll take it one day at time. May the Lord redeem the time that was lost.

I wasn’t totally unproductive while I was unable to write the new stuff. I’ve edited many of the existing scenes in this section. Even though it’s the end of the book, some of this material is the first bits of Kindred I ever wrote, over four years ago now. That’s plenty enough to time to gain objectivity, and to see just how overwritten they were.

Snip, snip… whack!

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