The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men/Gang aft agley.

Or so says Robert Burns. Proverbs puts it, “The mind of a man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.”

I meant to focus on writing this summer (more so than usual, that is), in hopes of finishing the last section of Kindred before the ACFW conference. One thing and another has distracted me from that goal. It’s been a year when death and illness has visited so many that I love, drawing me away to travel or to grieve. It’s part of life, and some things are more important than writing. But the longing to be here weaving words and expanding Seona and Ian’s world is always strong.

So here we are, with July and August gone and September well underway. The nights are getting cooler, though the days are still summery. It’s back to school week, as I note by the kids trekking up and down my street morning and afternoon. And my writer friends are blogging about the upcoming ACFW conference.

The conference will be held over the weekend of Sept 20th. In the little over two weeks until then, God willing, I’ll push aside as many distractions as possible and write with all my heart.

I managed to get a few chapters written in the in-between times when I’ve been home and my soul has been settled, as well as read parts of several books about the Great Dismal Swamp, which straddles Virginia and North Carolina, and contains the earliest dug canal in the United States (the digging began, conveniently, in 1793, so I could plop a few of my characters down along its banks in spring of 1794). That ought to be my last major research topic for this novel.

But you never know. . . .

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