Still resting from Kindred. Going to try and let another week go by before I begin revisions and editing.

I finished editing my childrens story, Bear Country. I shaved another 4000 words off. That’s pretty cool.

Something even cooler:

While the autumn rain streamed down outside today, I curled up in my recliner with a throw and a cup of tea, and finished reading The Shape of Mercy, by Susan Meissner. It’s been a while since I picked up a book that engaged me so thoroughly as this book has done. I could hardly put it down, and spent a good portion of the past few days immersed in the compelling world of Lauren, Abigail, and Mercy.

From the back cover:

Leaving a life of privilege to strike out on her own, Lauren Durough breaks with her family’s expectations and takes a part-time job from eighty-three-year-old librarian Abigail Boyles. The mysterious employer asks Lauren to transcribe the journal entries of her ancestor Mercy Hayworth, a victim of the Salem witch trials.

Along with Lauren, I was immediately drawn into Mercy’s life, her hopes and trials, through her diary entries. Like Lauren, I couldn’t wait for Mercy’s story to unfold, even though the final outcome is a foregone conclusion. Or is it? The more Lauren learns about Mercy, and Abigail, the more questions are raised about both women–questions I kept turning the pages to have answered. The resolution doesn’t disappoint.

This is also the story of three romances, each taking very different paths.

Meissner explores through the lives of all three women the themes of identity, sacrificial love, and our human tendency to judge what we do not understand. The Shape of Mercy is Meissner’s newest release, from Waterbrook Press. Publishers Weekly gives it a starred review, and it’s well deserved.

A good (and much more thorough) review at

Amazon’s link

And here’s something wonderful I stumbled upon while googling reviews for Mercy. Susan Meissner has started a blog, the Shape of Mercy Blog. In Meissner’s words:

I wanted these characters – Lauren, Abigail, Esperanza, Raul, Clarissa, and even Mercy – to keep breathing, to keep talking to me, prodding me even though the book was done. So I’ve decided to let these characters live on in a blog that will allow me to continue their fictive lives.”

What a find! I’ll be visiting every Monday and Friday for a further peek into these characters’ lives. But I HIGHLY recommend reading the book first, before checking out The Shape of Mercy blog. Here may very well be spoilers!

Susan’s website here
Susan’s blog here
The Shape of Mercy Blog here

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