Editor and author (and awesome Boggle player), Karen Ball, has an interesting discussion going on over at her blog. It started with this post, on November 11th, in which Karen asked her readers:

So, as a reader, what are you looking for in a book, especially fiction, from a “Christian” publishing house? What do you expect to find. What do you expect NOT to find? What makes a book “Christian”?

Insightful comments followed. The discussion continues with today’s post here.

First, I want to know who you think today’s Christian fiction reader is? Why do you think s/he reads fiction? What are you hearing from the readers around you about the books they’re reading? And, if you care to share, what novel have you read lately that lived up to your expectations?

So share your thoughts…and stay tuned for Part 3.

Head on over and join the discussion!

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