I’ve had a quote taped to my writing desk for many years. So many that I’ve long since forgotten where I found it. And (unusual for me), I failed to attribute the quote on the slip of paper that has stared out at me from under its cellophane window lo these past 12-13 years. But happily, there’s Google. To the best of my (and Google’s) knowledge, the quote is attributed to Sharon Oard Warner.

“Writers are first of all readers–avid, life-long readers who consume books the way other people do hamburgers and beer. As children, we crave the cool silence of libraries and summer afternoons draped over an armchair, the hours we spend suspended between the real world and the one we hold between our two sweaty hands. We covet the feel of books, their rigid covers and the pages that blow in the breeze. When our eyes scan a book we’ve just borrowed or bought, we writers feel buoyed with anticipation, hopeful, and content.”

I’ve had a couple of weeks jammed packed with anticipation, hope and contentment as I’ve barreled my way through a seriously tall stack of library books. I’m not sure what comes over me at times. My county public library system has its catalogue on line (guess most do now), and I tend to go on reserving binges like some people go on on-line shopping binges. I’ll need to research a subject, or a person, or a time period. Or I’ll discover a new-to-me author and simply must read every book they’ve ever written. Now.

At present, I might have bit off more than I can mentally chew.

Among a sprinkling of other authors, I’m making my way through a dozen of Ann Rinaldi’s books. Ann Rinaldi writes historical fiction for young adults. Many of her books are set in the 18th century (Kindred’s time period). Many of them are about frontier life, or the Revolutionary War and the years just after, or slavery. Some of her books explore mixed racial identity and the blurred lines that can exist–a subject near and dear to my writer’s heart.

And dare I mention the bibliographies in the back of these books? One resource title leads to another… and it’s back to the library for me! And if I can’t find it at the library, there’s bookfinder.com….

My on-line shopping binges are always, always, for books.

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