I finished the current edit pass on Kindred this morning. While I managed to cut a total of 53,779 words (after the 71,000 I cut on the previous edit), I didn’t make my SIG (Seemingly Impossible Goal) of under 200,000 words. Current word count stands at 232,819.

This just means another editing pass is needed. I have a beta reader’s notes to go over. I’m going to look for more scenes to cut, or parts of scenes, since I’m sure small line-by-line cuts aren’t going to add up to anything near the 33,000 words I still want to see go.

But I’m going to let it wait until tomorrow to begin. For now, I’m going to bake a cake.


With dark chocolate sauce.

Oh yes.

And while I’m at it, Lord, do another edit pass on me, please….

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