Yesterday I finished the current edit/word slash on Kindred. On Monday I plan to begin a hard copy read through, for polishing, further cutting, and attending to themes/threads/set-ups/other aspects of the first half of the book that need strengthening, to earn the pay off in the second half.

Word count for Kindred count stands at 206,600 (unless I save it as a text only file and do a word count, and that loses me another 1100 words, which I think is pretty cool).

I’m not discouraged at not reaching my goal, just worn thin. My prayer is “Lord, give me vision for fine-tuning, trimming, shaping Kindred. I want You to be glorified, I want to touch readers with something of You in the lives of Seona and Ian, so You need to be in this every step of the way, and put Yourself onto those pages in spite of my limitations, my tiredness, my shallowness, and my easily befuddled mind. I’m absolutely certain You are able to do exceedingly abundantly above all I could ask or think. Bethankit….”

I’m taking the weekend off. I’m going to keep praying that prayer, and I’m going to rest, and read (read, read, read!), and do something I’ve not done nearly enough of in years… I’m going to draw and maybe even paint. Aside from prayer, I’m not going to think about Kindred, or open a file, or meddle with a synopsis, or agent searching, or query writing, or market research, or stress over the fact that I still haven’t reached my goal of under 200,000 words…. starting now.

Ahhhh….. I think it’s just what I needed.

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