I’m starting to work on my agent query letter this week. The web is littered with query how-to pages, mostly found on writer’s, agent’s, and publisher’s sites.

Good posts on writing agent queries can be found at agent Nathan Bransford’s blog–which any writer will benefit from reading, if he or she isn’t already doing so. Mr. Bransford is very entertaining, as well as informative.

An editor is presently looking at the first three chapters of KINDRED, but I’m going to query agents soon, regardless of how that turns out.

A lot of writers dread the query letter. I don’t. I’ve written three or four of them in the past. They led to requests for partials and full manuscripts, one for a historical, another for a contemporary romance, both written in the 90s.

Queries are fun to write. A challenge, but fun. I’m looking forward to the submission process. I know there will be rejection. Probably lots of that. But I do so very much want this book finished and out of the nest now.

My brain cells are itching to tackle a new project, while this one flies the wide earth over, looking for a place to roost.

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