Still researching agents, getting my brain in gear to write two or three versions of the synopsis (because every agent just about wants one at a different length), the query letter and of course, I’m still editing the Beast.

Down to 211,000 words. From an original 300,000+ (286,000 after the first edit; 232,819 after the second).

Making slow progress. After this line by line, I’ll have to start yanking out more scenes. Not that I haven’t been already, but I left a few in that I really hoped I wouldn’t have to remove. But I’m determined not to start submitting this book while it’s over 200,000 words.

Because that number 2 is so bright a green* that I’m afraid it’s all the agents will see, and won’t give the story a chance.

*Doesn’t everyone see the number 2 as being green?

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