On the spur of the moment, with uncharacteristic lack of premeditation, I’ve gone and registered for a writer’s conference, which takes place in April. Several of the agents I’d planned to query via email or snail mail will be attending. I will query them in person. God willing.

Gulp. I’m still a bit stunned at myself for doing this. I wouldn’t have done it all, save for a fellow writer who made known to me a generous offer for a discount on the registration price. This isn’t what MY plan for the next month looked like. Not at all. I was going to query agents from the safety of my keyboard (I’m not at my best when communicating verbally, especially on subjects about which I’m in earnest). But the timing feels right, and after several hours of walking around the house in a terrified and giddy daze, praying, thinking, praying, shooting off emails to a writer friend, praying some more, and just… listening, I went ahead and signed up.

I don’t regret it. I have a lot to do. I want to finish the edits, write my verbal query/pitch, a one sheet, decide what needs to be printed, how many copies, anticipate any question an agent might ask me about Kindred… in other words be as squared away as I can be going into this.

And prepared to enjoy one of the best venues for fellowship and encouragement with Christians who are writers that I can imagine, this side of heaven.

Thank you so much, Camille Eide, for making this opportunity known!

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