At the Mount Hermon Writers Conference, back in early April, I took the morning track class on “taking your fiction to the next level” taught by author Davis Bunn. It was a wonderfully informative class, and since then I’ve received the CDs and listened to it again. I suspected there was too much information to absorb on first hearing. I was right.

During the class, Davis Bunn spoke of his newly released book, Gold of Kings, to illustrate several points in his presentation. Intrigued, I recently began reading it. All I can say thus far is I’m hooked.

Here’s a great interview with Davis Bunn, talking about the background and research for Gold of Kings, as well as on his writing and upbringing.


He grew up on the Outer Banks. I thought he sounded like a Carolinian. My dad is a surf fisherman, who designed and built his own surf rods, and we spent many a vacation on the Outer Banks during my childhood and teenage years. That brief view at the end of the video of the row of fishing poles anchored in the sand is a familiar one from my childhood.

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