Over on the Books & Writers Community forum they do a monthly writing goals update. I don’t usually post mine. This month I did.

May goals for me: finish editing Kindred down as low as I can possibly get it, without doing a butchering job. It stands at 186K now (started at 325K), while prospective agent reads the first half of the manuscript, and I wait to hear back from a second agent.

Also begin plotting/brainstorming/daydreaming about the sequel (which I’m calling Over Jordan, at the moment) and/or possibly another stand-alone novel I began many years ago and abandoned, but now have other ideas about.

Continue early research for OJ, in conjunction with figuring out a Plot.

PS: Doree, you are visitor 1793 to this blog. That’s the year Kindred begins. Huzzah! I’ve been waiting to see who it would be. I shall send you a book, to mark the occasion.

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