In spite of nearly a week of fighting a fever and a horrible cough, in the grip of which I remain, I’ve managed to finish the current edit of Kindred. I’ve known for some while now that the word count wasn’t going to end up nearly as low as I hoped.

From an original total of somewhere above 325,000 words, I’ve cut the novel down to 184,000. That is still so very long.

I know back in the early sections a few scenes were left in blue font, to indicate further cutting possibilities if necessary. Although I’m in no shape to be making rash decisions about cuts right now, what I reckon I’ll do is go back to the beginning and tackle the first half of the book again. The second half, or thereabouts, is tight and fast paced.

As far as I can tell, anyway, having long found objectivity a slippery little devil to hang onto.

Holding out hope that the agent still looking at the first half, who requested I give her a month to do this, will have some very practical bright ideas about how to make this book more appealing to more publishers than the very narrow market she felt it would appeal to, at present.

As for just now… I shall crawl back into my comfy nest of quilts, and bid you all adieu.

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