I want to direct writers to this short post by author Robin Lee Hatcher, over at Novel Journey. She’s obviously answered the question that I was once faced with.

Would you continue to write even if you never get published?

And over at Novel Matters, they are discussing good opening paragraphs.

Agent Nathan Bransford is (was, on Tuesday) talking here about the futility of forecasting the market, and writing the story you are passionate about. And today, he’s got a book list going in the comments section. I love these. I find all sorts of books to add to my teetering To Be Read tower that I’d have never known existed.

Favorite PASTimes did their second day of an interview with Bethany House author Julie Klassen. She’s written The Lady of Milkweed Manor, which I’ve read and liked very much. She’s also written The Apothecary’s Daughter, which I hope to read soon. Day One of the interview here.

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