A few days ago I received a request from another literary agency, one I had submitted three chapters of Kindred to right after the Mount Hermon conference in April. This time it was a request for the full manuscript.

Time to wait again, while Kindred is read and considered for representation. But the timing of the request couldn’t have been more encouraging.

I was pleased to be able to say in my cover letter that since the conference I’ve lowered the word count by over 20,000 words. The total stands at 176K, and it’s still coming down.

Thanks to everyone who sent me encouraging notes over the past two weeks, and for your prayers. I appreciate them more than I can say!

Also on the writing front, a new set of characters is talking to me! I’m gradually starting to divide my time between editing Kindred and plotting/brainstorming a new historical set in the Mohawk Valley of New York, just after the Revolutionary War. Some of the characters will intersect with Ian and Seona’s story, much later on (if I ever write a sequel to Kindred). But this is their story, and as sketchy as it is at present, I’m excited about it.

I love this season when the characters and their story are starting to crack open, and I’m getting intriguing glimpses. As I posted on Facebook recently, I want to keep saying to my husband (who frequently gets to hear all about the voices in my head and what they’re saying), “I swear I’m not making this up!” It’s as though the story is there, fully realized and existing, and if I stare at the bits that are showing long enough all the pieces start falling out of the ether and into place.

Of course, it’s never that simple. But there are moments when it feels like it is.

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