… I ran across today at the Writers Forum. The song, Tillidh Mi (I Will Return), is by Runrig, a Scottish/Gaelic group I hadn’t heard of until recently. The video is very old footage from the Outer Hebrides of crofters and fishermen going about their business.

And in other news, I’m home. Had a wonderful trip. Saw my little brother married. That’s all of us now. So now I’ll be getting back to the last bit of editing on Kindred… and I’ll be getting over my vertigo (plane travel, gotta love it… not). I feel like I’ve been on a sea cruise for the past ten days, minus the motion sickness, and if past patterns hold true, I’ll be on it for another week. Maybe two. As I sit here me and the chair and the desk are all rocking gently up and down… up and down. At least that’s what it feels like. But it’s a small price to pay for seeing family, and more of the country I tend to write about.

During our travels hither and yon we drove along the Pennsylvania/Maryland border, heading from West Virginia to Lititz PA, where my brother’s wedding was held (at the General Sutter Inn). This is the area of the country where Kindred opens, with Ian Cameron perched on a hillside preparing to shoot someone he thinks is following him. Someone is, but not the someone he thinks.

Also on this trip I talked early family history with my mom, and she dropped a tidbit about my great-great-grandmother and one of my great aunts that I plan to use in my next book, set in the 18thC just after the Revolutionary War. Seems great-great-grandma Harriet thought reading was a waste of time and hid my great-aunt Leona’s books from her whenever she left one lying about.

I didn’t inherit that gene.

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