Today I want to highlight an awesome book trailer by historical writer J. M. Hochstetler, for the third book in her American Patriot series, Wind of the Spirit, set during the Revolutionary War. I was privileged to be a reader for this book while it was being written; this trailer captures the atmosphere and essence of the story in a powerful way. Have a look:

After you’ve viewed the trailer, check out Joan’s informative posts detailing the steps she went through to create it:

Creating a Video Trailer
Developing The Script
Constructing the Video
Finding Elizabeth and Carleton
Adding Audio

Joan has begun work on Crucible of War, the fourth book in the American Patriot series (Daughter of Liberty, Native Son).

And just for fun, check out this post for a morph I made of Elizabeth, Joan’s heroine, which she felt was close enough to her vision to post.

The other really cool thing I want to mention is the book, The Fire In Fiction, by Donald Maass, easily one of the best books on the craft of fiction I’ve ever read. I don’t often make it through writing craft books, or else it takes me weeks. But I came back to The Fire In Fiction as eagerly as I would a good novel.

Chapter 8, Tension All The Time, is worth the price of the book alone. Here’s a few brief quotes, things I highlighted as I read.

Tension in Dialogue: “The important thing is to get away from ambling chit-chat and get right to the desire of two speakers to defeat each other.”

Tension in Action: “High action immediately benefits from having torn emotions folded in.”

Tension in Exposition: “Rehashing what is already obvious does not heighten it. It merely saps tension. Exposition is a time for what is new: extra questions, fresh anxiety, unforeseen angles. Think of exposition as plot turns. It’s just plot that plays out in the mind.”

Donald Maass writes about taking your fiction to the next level. The Fire In Fiction will give you many practical ways to do this with your writing, both in the first draft stage and later as you edit. Now… to put them in practice.

I’ll be away from the blog until the middle of July. Don’t have too much fun without me!

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