I should blog. I really really should write a blog post. Today. I’m feeling neglectful but haven’t too much to say. This early plotting/casting process is so inward-looking, with faces and names and personalities morphing all over the place, refining and redefining themselves every time I turn around, turn the computer on, sit down… and let them talk to me. Tell me your tales. Who are you? What do you want? What will you do to get it?

Loving it, hating it, embracing it. Celebrating It!

Getting to know you…. getting to know all about you… Willa and Neil and Joseph. Yes. And now there are the Warings. Oh, Richard, you bad boy. And Annie, I already love you! And Francis, you have come as such a surprise.

And the one I thought was dead… but is she really? I think I hear knocking… I think she’s still with us. But what will that mean to the story, to Willa? To Neil?

And then there are the children. Breaking my heart. Where do you belong? Matthew and Margaret, you’ve lost so much and yet… there is a future and a hope! I can see it. Light lancing through the trees. All manner of things shall be well!

Such a joy, this world-building. A little comes each day, and it won’t be rushed. But I have to show up, be ready to think it through, be ready to listen, be ready to analyze, find patterns, themes, call-backs. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not (yet!) seen.

Left brain/right brain. Back and forth. Oh, let the little gray cells be fired up and working today!


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