This is a shout out for an author I’ve recently discovered. I’ve devoured four of her books. Well, three and a half–I’m in the middle of the fourth, don’t want it to end, can’t stop turning the pages. Oh the dilemma! Write fast, Ms. Nichols. I’ll need another fix soon.

It’s rare I find an author whose characters’ journeys move me to tears and laughter, whose words make me stop, go back, read them again, then ponder and meditate (selah), and pray them in for myself and those I care about.

Linda Nichols is such an author. She’s published by Bethany House. These are the books I’ve read:

In Search of Eden

At The Scent of Water

If I Gained The World

Not a Sparrow Falls

Prose that sings; richly drawn characters; contemporary settings so vividly realized they feel like characters as well; struggles that are real and deep and gut-wrenching; spiritual journeys that inspire; and endings that rise on wings of hope.

I wish this author would write historicals too!

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