And a Kindred update, sort of. But first the blogs:

Rachelle Gardner blogged on the Purpose of Christian Publishing.

Nathan Bransford had a Writer Appreciation Week, beginning with this post.

Kaye Dacus has a series (on going now for two weeks) on Bad Guys (and, presumably, girls), beginning with this post.

I think the Novel Matters blog is worthy of reading every day, no matter what they’re talking about.

And what’s up with Kindred? I’m still waiting, that’s what. Another agent passed on it. I have another query out, and the whole manuscript is still being reviewed (in theory… doubts assail in the long silence, but I beat them back). I should go back to my agent research and send out another handful of queries, but on the other hand… I’d like to wait and see what those considering it now will ultimately decide to do.

I’m right glad God’s in control. My times (and novels) are in His hands. Knowing that frees me up to rediscover the joy of story-crafting (Willa!) without a whole lot of concern about what the final outcome of the uncountable hours I’ve spent at this endeavor will be.

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