My main writing time each day is 9am to noon, though I often write longer, or come back for another session after lunch and a bit of exercise. I just finished up for today, and am planning to edit through what I wrote this morning after the aforementioned repast, but wanted to make note of a particularly satisfying chunk of writing.

When I was working on KINDRED I had a very full cast, so many secondary characters to like, love, hate. My favorite out of that large group was the Camerons’ neighbor, John Reynold, one of the most gracious and well-adjusted characters in the story. A man I would want my husband to be friends with, because he’s good in a crisis, knows how to encourage in the Lord, gives wise counsel, and hosts a great corn husking. 

Today I introduced his counterpart in WILLA, a secondary character I’ve been eager to let loose on the page. And boy, she didn’t disappoint me. Annaliese (Anni) Waring Keppler had me laughing and crying in the space of 500 words. I love her already. What a breath of fresh air. Not that Willa and Neil were stale, by any means. But Willa… she’s been a bit dodgy up until now, and Neil hasn’t been feeling his best, and so hasn’t pressed her. But Anni is a force of nature, and there’s no keeping secrets from her. At least not for long.

Next up: introducing Richard, my antagonist. He’s also Anni’s brother. This will get awkward, even dismaying, but very interesting….

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