Editing of Kindred is going well, and I’m excited to see the amount of words I can still shave off of the story. Here’s a short snippet of the scene I worked on last night and this morning, along with photos taken October of 2006 of the area where Kindred is set, a set of hills and ridges once called the Carraways, near present-day Asheboro, NC. It’s the Uwharrie National Forest* now, but way-back-when, before the village that was Asheboro was even named, there were homesteads here, and later gold mines, and always lots and lots of trees and streams and rivers. I chose this area as a setting for a couple of reasons. I didn’t want the story set on the frontier, which was deep into the Blue Ridge Mountains by the 1790s, but I do love a steep, hilly, difficult terrain. I needed ridges and draws and waterfalls, and secret places for my characters to stumble upon.

(excerpt removed)

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