This week has been a transition sort of week for me, writing-wise. I had ambitious plans of jumping back into writing Willa on Monday morning, after taking a couple of weeks to edit Kindred, then five days for a fun Thanksgiving holiday while we had family in town. Sometimes other projects, or life, intrudes during the writing of a first draft, and even if it’s for thoroughly enjoyable reasons, I often regret having to take more than a couple days off at a time from writing… once I get back to the computer, or open that long neglected file.

Instead of smoothly shifting gears this week, I ended up grinding them. Thursday rolled around before I managed to get any new words onto the screen. And I have a feeling they’ll be words that end up on the cutting room floor. But at least I have some direction for the next scene. Direction is good!

Part of the problem stemmed from having left off writing at a point where I didn’t quite know what came next. I needed to daydream, let my mind be free to explore possibilities for a series of scenes that encompass four important secondary characters’ introductions. That’s what my right brain was telling me to do. My left brain (where my internal editor resides) was in a panic to start producing words and do it like yesterday you sluggard!

Talk like that tends to freeze me creatively. She’s muzzled now. I can proceed.

What about you? If you are a writer, what do you do when you feel stalled and the words just aren’t coming? Push through? Back off? Daydream about your characters? Read a good novel? Go back and edit earlier chapters or scenes? Eat more chocolate?

Do you have a tried and true method for breaking through that wall? Do share!

photo by pareeerica (Flickr)

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