It’s another mild and misty morning in southern Oregon… where it really should be much colder, and there should be snow falling. As my cousin Maggie attests in her blog post, my family on the east coast has been abundantly blessed this past month with wintry weather… although I’m not sure blessed is the word they would use just now!

Something I had to get used to after moving to Oregon 17 years ago is that overlaid onto the four seasons are two seasons I didn’t experience back in Maryland: the rainy season, and the dry season. Most of the moisture southern Oregon receives in a year falls between late October and early May. Aside from thunderstorms over the mountains (which more often cause forest fires than provide needed moisture), our valley might not see a drop of rain from blistering July thru parched September. So accumulating a snow pack in the mountains, to be drained into the reservoirs come spring, where it will be horded and portioned out over the dry months, is a vital thing. We haven’t had enough snow this winter. But winter isn’t over yet. In years past we’ve experienced winter in March, even April. Wait for it, I keep reminding myself.

Waiting well takes practice, and for me, constant looking back. I’m experiencing a time of waiting. Waiting to hear from agents. Waiting to see if “soon” is the time God has appointed for my long-held hope of being published. Or at least taking the next step in that direction. Wondering if the present doors will close too, and I will have to wait some more.

Just like I’ve seen enough Oregon winters and springs to know not to fret about mild February temperatures that turn what should be snow into rain, I remind myself to look back over the trail I’ve walked to past times of waiting. Hasn’t God always come through? Hasn’t He always been faithful? Hasn’t His timing been just right, over and over again? Hasn’t He been faithful to say No, when what I wanted wouldn’t have been the best for me? He has. And He never changes.

Why so anxious, O my soul? Why impatient? Put your trust in God, and His timing, and wait for it.

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