Day 4 of trying to kick this pneumonia in the butt. So far it’s kicking back. Having no energy to do anything much but sit at the computer and work means I’ve done a lot of editing over the past week. On both Kindred and what’s written of Willa.

I wish there was some sort of counter for novels in progress that worked backwards. Say, for instance, that you have a finished first draft of an eighteenth century historical that’s a whopping 325,000 words and you know you have to edit the heck out of it in order to make it remotely publishable.

So you do. You edit it nine times over the span of two years and get that puppy down to 154,000 (as of today) and the words are still falling. It would be nice to have a counter over on the side to track that progress.

I WILL learn not to overwrite.
I WILL learn not to overwrite.
I WILL learn…..

THANK YOU for all the wonderful comments left in the last post’s thread. Ya’ll blessed me big time, and I appreciate every one.

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