Good grief it’s–I mean Good Morning, it’s Monday! And this post is going to jump topics all over the place. I’m at the computer on time today, still on my pneumonia meds, which have not played very nicely with me even though they are slowly clearing up my lungs. I will be glad to be through with them tomorrow and hope that’s that, as far as antibiotics are concerned.

Been editing Kindred since March 18th and am over halfway through. Word count: 146,000.

You know how exciting it is when you find an author whose writing just sings for you, one who’s been around long enough to have quite a few novels published, so you can dive in and feast on her stories? I found one such this weekend. Susanna Kearsley. The book I’m reading is The Shadowy Horses. It’s a contemporary, romantic suspense, set in Scotland (always a plus, Scotland), but it feels like a historical because the story is centered around an archaeological dig from Roman times and the past is, quite literally, haunting the present. I love this quality in fiction, whether it’s supernatural or just a strong sense of the past shaping the present (the latter being an element I did my utmost to bring to the forefront of my own novel, Kindred). If you don’t mind a few ghosts… you might enjoy Kearsley’s book. Love, love, love her writing. Reminds me strongly of Mary Stewart, another old favorite.

Edited to add: I received a kind email from Susanna Kearsley’s publisher, and at their request am including a link to the listing for The Shadowy Horses. They are planning to reissue the book to coincide with Mother’s Day. Love how small a world the internet makes for!

I’ve also been enjoying a new TV series which airs on NBC, Fridays. Who Do You Think You Are? On this show celebrities trace their ancestry, discovering the answers to long held family questions, or simply filling in the blanks of “Where do I come from?” So far they’ve aired a show with Sarah Jessica Parker, Emmitt Smith, Lisa Kudrow, and Matthew Broderick. In each episode I learned a bit of history, saw the kernels of several possible stories, and enjoyed the journey. But I’m a genealogy junkie, so no surprise there.

Also, one of those episodes provided the most surreal moment of my recent years, as I sat here and watched a celebrity trace their lineage back to the early 1800s… and cross paths with my own. Wonder if anyone can guess which celebrity it was?

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