In the months since April 2009, when I attended the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference (blogged about here), my historical novel, Kindred, has been sitting on several agents’ desks. I’ve spent most of the past year waiting to see if one of these agents who showed interest in the first few chapters would fall in love with Ian and Seona, my characters (I’ve been doing a lot more as well, but the waiting thing has been going on in the background all the while).

As part of the agent hunting process, later in the year I entered Kindred in the Audience with an Agent Contest, held by the writers of the Novel Matters blog, all represented by Books and Such Agency. To my delight, agent Wendy Lawton chose Kindred as the winner of that contest and in December of 2009 requested the entire manuscript. I continued waiting (there is a lot of waiting involved in this writing journey, especially considering I began writing with the dream of being published back in 1991, before I knew what email was).

I’m happy to announce that the waiting (at least the For An Agent part) is over. After emailing back and forth on Tuesday of last week, on the following day, St. Patrick’s Day, Wendy Lawton telephoned me with an offer of representation. I’m usually not at my communicating best on the phone, but Wendy was warm and sweet and encouraging and immediately put me at ease.

And just in case it isn’t clear, I said “Yes,” to her offer. It’s all still sinking in, but my heart is so very full, and I’m excited and blessed to have the chance to work with Wendy and be a part of the Books and Such family.

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