On Saturday the Book Stork left a wonderful surprise on my doorstep. Since I’m the one who ordered the book it wasn’t a complete surprise (any more than a newborn baby arrives without any warning), but this time I got much more than I bargained for.

TAILOR MADE, TRAIL WORN, Army Life, Clothing & Weapons of the Corps of Discovery, by Robert J. Moore, Jr. and Michael Haynes. Farcountry Press.

This is a book I’ve wanted to read and own for years now, but for some reason I was expecting a smallish paperback. What arrived was a coffee table sized hardback chock full of sketches, paintings, photographs and charts depicting life along the trail during Lewis & Clark’s epic expidition of 1804-1806.

This book is, of course, for research, and though the time period is just outside the 18th century, I do have hope of turning one of my WIPs, Kindred, into a family saga series, which would span the present time frame of 1793-4 on up to the War of 1812. And who can say, maybe some adventuring soul in the Cameron clan will tag along with L & C and Co. At the very least, this book promises a wealth of information about the most practical, functional and necessary aspects of frontier and army life during the era of 1800-1810. Whatever did they wear??

The book sits on my living room chair, tempting as a siren, but I’ve determined not to delve into its pages until I finish the three research books I have going now: The Bloody Mohawk, The Adirondacks, and Forgotten Allies. 

Or maybe finish one of them….

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