I expect there are going to be many more “firsts” in my near future than I’ve experienced in a long while. Some of them honestly I’m trying not to think too much about yet, but yesterday I took care of a fun first: the need to have a few head shots taken for… well, I’m not quite sure what they are for at this early date but they were requested and I aim to please!

Enter my good pal (and fellow writer) Karen Staunton, who volunteered to take a few shots of me. Her whole family are great photographers, so I knew I was in good hands. We had a fun–if a bit chilly–hour of prowling around the woods surrounding her beautiful hilltop home, looking for the perfect trees as backdrops. Pines, towering Doug firs, and a madrone. The madrone was the favorite, hands down.

I came home with a disk full of photos and I think Karen must have used some filters on me (like the anti-blemish filter) because her photos do me more credit than I deserve. Here are a few favorites:

All photos by Karen Staunton

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