Happy Tuesday. Hope everyone had a great Easter. Our church meets in an outdoor amphitheater in summer, once the spring rains have stopped (usually from Mother’s Day on), but on Easter Sunday we all pile out there together, sometimes in the craziest of weather.

The forecast for last Sunday was for rain/wind/snow and highs in the 40s. Bonfires were lit beside the baptismal pool and most folks arrived bundled up in layers. What we ended up getting was a chilly, breezy, partly sunny few hours, just enough time for our service and the baptisms that followed. A lovely day to celebrate our Risen Savior.

Then we took our dog up a few thousand feet to walk along a reservoir dam, right about the time the weather finally arrived. Snow on Easter! Pretty typical for southern Oregon.

Video of the Easter service at Applegate Christian Fellowship. Link is in the lefthand column.

And Kindred is down to 137,000 words!

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