This post is short because I’m in a good writing zone and mean to stay there for the rest of the day. Sweet!

Titling chapters. I do it. I’m not sure how many other writers do. Here’s why I do it: I usually don’t have a handle on what element should hold a chapter together as a unit of scenes, what image or theme or emotional arc or whatever should be given the main focus, until I’ve found a title. Maybe it’s another symptom of how chemo changed my writing process. I never felt the need for titling chapters before chemotherapy, so Kindred is the first book in which I titled all the chapters as I wrote them (I removed the titles before I sent the manuscript to my agent, since most books I read these days don’t have titled chapters).

But I like chapter titles. I like them a lot. At least to help me write the first draft. They’re also nifty for hunting down certain sections of the book as it grows longer, and longer, and longer. When did Willa visit the lake? Oh, I think that was in Lost and Found.


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