I haven’t done a Friday Roundup in a longish while. But the folk in my blogging circle have been particularly profound and insightful this week, so cue the Rawhide theme music, and here goes!

Agent Rachelle Gardner did a repost about the value of silence, and everyday mundane tasks, as necessary components of a writer’s life (and I would add, in anyone’s life). I couldn’t agree more, and Rachelle has a great idea for weeding out some of the chaos in our lives.

Over at Novel Journey, debut novelist, long time blogger and editor Gina Holmes has launched an editorial service.

Another great repost from Rachelle Gardner, this one about the need for voice in fiction, and exactly what that is.

As always, the writers at Novel Matters have had a great week of discussion. The topic this wee has been encouragement (which inspired me to share a story from my childhood about a special grade school teacher) and validation, ending with Sharon Souza’s post about where validation needs to come from.

And I’ve save the best for last. Best blog post I read all week, that is. Agent Chip MacGregor answered a reader’s question: How do you define success? There is so much good stuff in this post I won’t begin to list it all, or spoil it by a snippet because the flow of thought needs to build up to the points that are made, and yanking them out of context will only dilute them. No matter what path we’ve chosen in life, we are born with a desire for success. But do we even know what that means? And are we only chasing after the wind? Is there something more lasting to try for? I’ll say it again, don’t miss this post.

Wishing all who stop by my cyberspace corner a blessed and restful weekend. Or a productive one, whatever your need may be (thinking of my writer friend Kaye Dacus, busy finishing her latest Ransome novel. Go Kaye. I’m praying for you!).

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