Okay, the deal is you can have one super power. Anything at all. But only one. What do you choose?

Being the language geek I am, I choose to be able to instantly speak the language of anyone I meet, anywhere, anytime. Sort of like having a specialized Language-Only Intersect in my head, and when I meet someone who doesn’t speak English (the only language I know) as soon as I hear them say something I would “flash” (ala Chuck Bartowski), and there it is, their language in my head. And we talk. Cool.

And while I’m immensely grateful for all the folk who have translated phrases for me over the years and don’t know that I would have attempted some of the characters I have without them, it would also come in handy when I want to write a line of dialogue in French, or German, or Gaelic, or even Broad Scots, which I don’t seem to be able to stop myself from attempting for some reason.

Anyone else got a hankering for a super power on this crazy-hot (at least in my town) summer day? Leave a comment. Let’s play “what if.”

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