Or: I just had to share!

My novels are set in the 18th century in the brand spankin’ new United States, but I have an abiding love for Scottish history as well, and have peopled my novels with Scottish immigrants. There are the Camerons and Lindseys in Kindred, and Neil MacGregor in Willa (The Quiet in the Land). So, when I was poking about on the Books & Writers Community a few days ago and found that someone had kindly posted a link to a program called The History of Scotland, I had to check it out.

The History of Scotland consists of five episodes, posted on Youtube in 10 minute increments. I’ve watched the first episode, The Last of the Free, and part of the second episode, and now I want to share. This is one of the most beautifully visual portraits of Scotland I’ve ever seen, worth watching for the scenery alone, not to mention the yummy accent of the host, archaeologist Neil Oliver. Oh, and there’s a ton of Scottish history I’d never heard before.

Here’s the link to the first ten minute segment of the first episode, The Last of the Free, about the birth of Scotland. You’ll find it in six segments on Youtube, along with the other episodes. Enjoy!

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