Or at least a photo from the trip.

The day after the conference, back in Nashville, I got to experience another highpoint of my trip, meeting Booktalk & More‘s reviewer, Ruth Anderson, in person.

Ruth and her review site have linked me up with some wonderful films, books, and tv shows (it’s all down to her that I’m such a huge Chuck/Zachary Levi fan) over the past year or so that I’ve been a regular reader of her blog. If you haven’t checked out Booktalk & More, you are missing one of the best review sites of period films, Christian fiction, and more, on the net.

Before we toured the historic Rock Castle (more on that in a future post), Joan Shoup and I met up with Ruth and Kaye Dacus (a favorite author of mine I met in person at the conference) at Panera Bread, in Nashville. I love Panera. I’ve only dined at one once before. I wish we had one in my town. Or anywhere within an hour’s drive of my town. Though I’m not a fan of big cities in general (they tend to put me in a fetal position, mentally), I have to say having all these wonderful restaurants and stores handy is a perk.

Speaking of which, after our lunch we went next door to the coolest bookstore I’ve ever set foot in. I’d never even heard of Davis-Kidd Booksellers, but their atmosphere beats any other major bookseller chain store I’ve visited.

Me, Ruth, Joan, and Kaye

Ruth and I had, separately, watched the Chuck season 4 premiere the night before, but since Kaye is still catching up with season 3, we had to phrase our brief side-bars on the topic very ambiguously, to avoid sharing spoilers.

It happened to be Ruth’s birthday, and I was so blessed she was able to share a bit of it with us. She’s so down-to-earth and sweet, it felt like I’ve known her a good long time. I only wish we could have made an entire day of it. But she and Kaye were off to see a movie together, and Joan and I were off to tour Rock Castle….

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