Me and Keli Gwyn, of Romance Writers on the Journey blog. She did an interview with me last June. We happened to pass each other and I recognized her. So glad we had the chance to meet. The Hyatt is a huge hotel, and there were over 600 people in attendance, so it was far too easy to never cross paths with the people I wanted to meet.

Joan Shoup, me, and Lisa Buffaloe at the Awards Banquet, Sunday night. I was so nervous I could barely eat the lovely dinner that was served. Lisa’s novel, Nadia’s Hope, was runner-up in the women’s fiction category of the Genesis Contest. Congrats, Lisa!

A shot of The Quiet in the Land winning runner-up in the historical category of the Genesis Contest. As you can probably see, my name is misspelled and the title of my novel is wrong on-screen, but from what I can remember of that dizzy moment, they called the correct title over the microphone, and it’s all correct on the certificate.

Right after that moment I would have loved to have my dinner plate back. 🙂

 The Books & Such dinner at PF Chang’s. It was very loud–almost as loud as the conference meals in the hotel. I only got to know my end of the table, but was thrilled to be seated beside Etta Wilson (in light green), one of the Books & Such agents. I so wish my agent, Wendy, could have been there, too. This is the only photo I have with my friend and fellow historical writer, Laura Frantz. She’s the one in orange at the head of the table. I’m in red. Between us is author Lorna Seilstad. So happy to meet both these ladies in person.

I don’t remember who took the top photo, but the next two were taken by Ann Shorey. Photo of the Books & Such dinner was taken by Jill Smith, I’m almost certain. 

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