Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday (those in the USA). Mine included an unexpected blessing, getting to indulge in a few hours of great conversation with two new acquaintances, a screen writer and a photographer/filmmaker (the latter who happened to have a bit of footage on his phone he shot on the set of Chuck, one of my favorite shows), both of whom I met at dinner on Thanksgiving.

But now I’m back to work, editing The Quiet in the Land. On a break this morning, surfing my usual blog haunts, I came across a reassuring and, for me, timely post from agent Rachelle Gardner cautioning writers to refrain from comparing themselves to other writers, particularly in their writing process. I expect this wisdom holds true no matter what creative sort you happen to be.

“Some people write a novel a year. Others need two years to get out a good novel. Still others write two (or even three) novels a year. Wherever you happen to be on that spectrum—it’s okay. It’s who you are. Don’t let anyone try to talk you into being something different.” ~ Rachelle Gardner

Visit Rachelle’s blog to read the entire post. If you’ve ever struggled with how fast others write while you feel like you’re plodding along at a turtle pace (like me!) or if you’ve ever wished your process was more like another writer’s, head on over and be encouraged.

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