I’m a failure at simply reading through my manuscript without changing a single word. Complete and utter failure.

That’s my confession.

With that off my chest, I will say I haven’t let myself do such a thorough line editing that it’s slowing me down. I divided the number of chapters I need to read per day to finish this read through by the end of the day Friday, and so far I’ve read the allotted. I can at least claim that much mental discipline.

And I’m of the opinion that if some bit of writing or editing technique is simply going against the grain and making one miserable, or just not working no matter how hard one tries, throw it to the wind and run onward.

I tried reading without editing even the clunkiest of sentences, but it’s like submitting my fingernails to bamboo splint torture.

Okay. Not that bad. But bad enough.

Despite my best intentions, to the wind the notion of a pure read-through goes, and I am free.

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