I’ve stumbled upon lots of great writing posts this week. Here’s two I hope you don’t miss.

From Athol Dickson at Novel Journey: Scariness in Fictionland.

Sometimes being a novelist is scary. For example, over the last year or so I’ve seen dozens of emails from other authors who claim they strongly dislike the first person point of view. That’s a frightful development for a serious novelist.”

 And from Steven Pressfield, an interview with Hollywood script consultant Jen Grisanti: The Log Line of Your Life. She gives a very workable formula for creating a log line (or one sentence pitch, as I tend to call it) for your story:

SP: How exactly would you define a log line?
JG: A log line is a brief description of the plot of your story, which involves an emotional hook and a twist of irony. A log line organizes a story in the briefest form possible while retaining the strongest emotional effect.

Athol’s post is inspiring, challenging, freeing, and Steven Pressfield’s interview with Jen Grisanti helped me write a much better one sentence pitch for the novel I’ve just begun. Check them out!

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