Thanks to everyone who paid an extra visit to this blog yesterday, to help skooch me up over the 10,000 hit mark. Very silly of me and very kind of you!

I appreciate everyone who visits, reads, and comments here. It’s been a interesting few years, keeping up a blog about writing and historical research, and historical fiction, while I’ve yet to be contracted for any of my own novels. This has been and continues to be a slow-paced journey, with no way to predict the end, but I hope some of the things I’ve shared about along the way have been encouraging to others whose writing journey has not proceeded at the brisk clip they’d hoped it would.

In the words of Winston Churchill, “Nevah, nevah, nevah, nevah give up.” A gentlemen shared them with me yesterday at church, while you guys were working on my hit count (thank you again!), concerning this long writing journey I’ve been on, longer than the seventeen years he’s known me, and I told him yes, I sit myself down and give myself that talk every few months.

The only way to assure you will never be published is to give up trying. The only way to assure that your writing, published or not, will never touch another human soul is give up writing.

Two things I’ll do only when and if God impresses (very very strongly) on my soul that that’s His will.

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