I was thinking this morning about writing a post acknowledging the fact that things have seemed to move very slowly for me during the past year+ since I’ve had my wonderful agent, Wendy, shopping two of my novels around to publishers. No slower than they were moving before, mind. Just a little slower than I’d expected things to move at this stage.


While naturally I have moments of mild impatience, and a burning curiosity for an inside glimpse at what’s transpiring on the other side of my agent’s desk and phone (the publisher side), for the most part I’ve learned to be content with the waiting, trusting there is a reason for it, and a good one. I keep taking those pesky impatient thoughts captive, and reaffirming my trust in God’s timing, while I work hard daily to make the book I’m writing the best it can be.

Still, there’s no denying this process, for most writers, is slow. Instead of sharing my newbie perspective on that slowness, I’m going to direct you to a thorough and enlightening post on the subject from agent Rachelle Gardner.

Some positive aspects to this slow pace of publishing, personal to me:
1. I get to spend more time making the novels I write the best they can be.
2. I do not yet have the stress of a deadline.
3. I’ve learned to count each day I have to write without distraction as a gift, and precious. It’s a mindset I’m grateful to have gained on this side of the door marked CONTRACT.
4. I don’t always deal with sudden life changes well. Even good ones. Having them come at me this slowly is actually quite comforting.
5. I’m learning to trust God’s timing and plan for me in ways I never would have had I been published 15 years ago. Even five years ago.

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