It’s summer. It’s hot. My brain is not at its best just now. I’m focusing on the messy middle of my novel in progress, and since this seems to be demanding more than usual brain capacity, I’ve decided to take a summer break from blogging.

Sort of.

I’ll still be here, posting from time to time. Mostly to redirect you to other blog posts I’ve found inspiring, encouraging and/or helpful in some way.

Here’s one for today. It’s from agent Rachelle Gardener, and it’s a glimpse inside the Editorial Letter that an author can expect to receive from an editor, or possibly an agent. Just reading the excerpts Rachelle includes in the post made me want to rush to my WIP and go all left-brained over the same issues in my story. Which is a saying quite a lot given the heat-induced fog my brain has been in the past week or so.

And here’s another one over at Colonial Quills, posted by J. M. Hochstetler, on the faith of our Founding Fathers. Come on over and read in their own words just what these men believed about God, and the founding of this country.

Have a blessed & safe summer. Stay cool (or enjoy the heat and sun if you’re one of the Lizard People). Of course, if there’s exciting news to share on my own writing front, I’ll be back lickity-split to share it here.

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